Lamborghini Aventador Engine Wallpaper

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Today, however, ears accustomed to the scream of a flat the stainless steel system has no flap to alter its decibel level for town and country. Its 100-cell metal sports cats reduce back pressure enough to generate a claimed 22hp and 3 lb-ft. It’s Wednesday — so here’s an insanely cantiky Aventador wallpaper to get you through hump day. Wearing its signature orange suit, this Lamborghini Aventador isn’t afraid to show it all. And with a 700-hp V12 and drop dead good looks, why would it be? Using the Lamborghini Aventador as its muse, the tuner has worked upon another car called the Aventador LaMotta. The tuner has made cosmetic changes, reduced the overall weight and tuned up the engine of the original car. After teasing supercar fans with This new engine is slated to power the upcoming Murcielago successor which has been named the Aventador. In addition to the new V12 engine, Lamborghini is suppose to introduce a new 7-speed transmission with ISR (independent Shifting Rods) which is a The sneak peak pictures of the Lamborghini SV the engine is expected to have some minor upgrades but will primarily be the same in terms of hardware architecture. It is expected that the upgraded engine will give up to 800 horsepower. Aventador takes .

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Side Hintergrundbilder | Red Lamborghini , like lamborghini aventador engine wallpaper.